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Venus is a zine for womxn by womxn.


Venus is a theme based collective zine for womxn by womxn that explores trans-cultural identity.

Issue 2 is out now!

The etymology of revolution dates back to the 14th century in reference to the rotation of celestial bodies - fitting for a zine called Venus. Today, we speak of political or socioeconomic revolutions, activities, and movements designed to effect fundamental changes. Fitting, again, given that when we initially started Venus, it stood for Very Empowered Nymphs Uplifting our Sex. Change is inherrent in our purpose. As we laughed and cried our way through 2018 and stumbled into 2019, we realized that our next issue had to be about exploring the diversity of perspectives on revolutionary acts today. But to do this, we wanted to ground ourselves in the past: the French Revolution! So there we have it, an intergalatic theme with a very, very retro- almost classique feel. 

Our second issue is an amalgam of interviews, essays, poems, and art works, submitted by a talented community of artists and writers living around the world - each offering a new and personal expression on what it means to be a revolutionary 21st century womxn. These stories inspired us. We hope they inspire you too. 


Edited by Emily Carter & Shamayel Shalizi

who are dedicated to serving you some realness- art, truths, anxieties, wonders, badassery, beauty- in oft-times peculiar lenses & with an penchant for the tangible (we've missed the riot grrrl era of zine-making) 



Love to all